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Mahoora Tented Safari Camp

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About Mahoora Tented Safari Camp

Experiencing the wildlife of Sri Lanka from your hotel bed is plain to the core in comparison to watching them from camps set up in the centre of our natural life. That's right introducing Mahoora, movable tented safari camps that provide a window right into the backyard of Sri Lankan wildlife. The specialty of these camps is that they provide nature loving bees the comfortable platform from which to see wild life in their natural setting rather than behind bars.

Mahoora sets up camp at selected locations in prime wild life parks such as Wilpattu, Yala National park and so much more. The venture was created in 1999 and has set the standard high for safari camping in Sri Lanka. Their packages include an experienced naturalist guide as well as a dedicated ranger. Their guides are handpicked for their passion and knowledge of Sri Lankan wildlife. Most travellors who have used Mahoora have rated the ability of these guides to guide them through the experience as impeccable!

What Mahoora promises its clients:

  • A perfect Sri Lankan wildlife holiday.
  • Tented safari camps that allow you the 'freedom to live and breathe Sri Lanka at its most untamed.'
  • A variety of comfort levels which suit your budget.
  • A comfortable platform from which to experience the dramatic, calm, and exotic moments of Sri Lanka's natural world.

This is definitely a different way to experience the natural life of this tiny island!