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About Buddhangala Monastery

Enveloped within the jungle lies the Buddhangala Monastery, a religious site that evokes a peaceful atmosphere. Situated approximately 7 kilometres off Ampara town the Monastery spreads across 1280 acres. There are five rocks that spring from the flat ground that stand apart from each other. The lake that envelopes these rocks run through the gap, enhancing its existing natural beauty. The lake was supposedly built to store water for the monks.

Since this area was a part of the Digamadulla Kingdom , according to one Ven Ellawala Medhananda Thero the history of this monastery is as old as the kingdom itself, which is 4th century BC.

For a very long time the monastery was lost in history, covered by thick jungle infested with wild animals, exposed to the elements for over thousands of years until it was brought back to life in 1964 by a young bikku called Kalutara Dhammananda. He is said to have traveled through the thick jungles and cleared the area with the assistance of Buddhists in the area.

This hermitage came to prominence due the relics unearthed during excavation of the original stupa. Among the relics was a 4 inch gold casket with 3 golden lotus flowers standing on its stems with carefully placed relics on each of them. The centre flower was tallest and two bo leaves on the other two stems had the names "Sariputha" and "Maha Moggalana", the two chief disciples of Buddha, inscribed on them. How this casket came to Sri Lanka is still a mystery. The casket shows characteristics of 5th centaury work but the inscriptions on the golden bo leaves are said to be belonging to the Pre - Christian Era.

Although the exact origins of the name, Buddhangala, is not known there are several beliefs about it. One of it is that the name is derived due to the shape of the rock formation, which looks like Buddha in a lying position. Nevertheless till this day Tamils and Muslims living in that area still refer to it as "Buddhankalei".

What you can see?

  • Deep within the rocks is a mini museum which contains artifacts that were recovered during the excavation. 
  • Witness the prominent Buddangala Dagoba which is said to enshrine the relics of Buddha and his two leading monks Seriyuth and Mugalan theros.
  • Set your eyes on the newest addition, a replica of Polonnaruwa Gala Viharaya Buddha statues, which can be seen from a distance. 
  • Take in the experience of the beautiful view in the morning and late evening that is boasted by travelers on their blogs.  
  • Step on the rocky footing and take in the calm atmosphere which makes this centuries-old structure an ideal hotspot for meditation, spiritual revival, photography and even hiking. It's noted to be a place of serenity that helps you relax your mind.