Maha Oya Hot Springs

Maha Oya Hot Springs

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About Maha Oya Hot Springs

Are you in search of the hottest spring in Sri Lanka? If the answer is yes then make your way to the Maha Oya hot springs in Ampara. Located about 2 km off Mahaoya town, the hot springs are a steamy attraction for the weary traveler.

Contained within a low blue coloured wall there are seven wells that make up the Maha Oya hot springs. A few of the springs are boxed in, while the rest are rounded. Its simple atmosphere is enhanced by evaporating steam from the wells which make for a photographic moment. It's said that the temperature of the hottest spring is about 56 C(133F) and there are only two wells that contain water which is of bathing temperature.

The Geological Survey Department upon analyzing the hot springs in 1972 stated that the mineral substance in the water can be compared to a spa treatment. It seems that nature has provided humans with an inexpensive way to step into a therapeutic state!

How can I get there?

There are three roads that lead to Mahaoya Junction which is from Batticaloa, Ampara and Mahiyangana. The by road leading to the wells are on the Mahiyangana road (Arannaganwila Rd) 400 meters from the junction. There is a display board at the turn off to Arannaganwila Rd. Travel approx 2 km on this road and take a right turn. The wells can be reached by travelling 400 metres on this lane.