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Wilpaththu National Park

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About Wilpaththu National Park

The Wilpattu National Park is a must see for those who visit the northern-western side of Sri Lanka. The boundaries of the park spans across 1085 sq km and it’s known as the largest national park in Sri Lanka. The drive to Wilpattu is supposed to be beautiful as the path is close to the sea. The national park adorned with several Willus (Natural Lakes), the name Wilpattu in Sinhala means ‘natural lakes’ and in Tamil ’10 lakes’.

What can you see

  • Most travelers recommend that you set aside 2-4 days to explore the natural environment of the park. The best way to experience the park’s natural instincts is to go on a safari which you can book on wilpattunationalpark.com and www.srilankanexpeditions.com.
  • In comparison to Yala the thick jungles of Wilpattu make it difficult for visitors to spot wildlife. However lack of tourists in the area brings out the true spirit of the wilderness. It’s said that the Wilpattu National Park is more for the hardcore safari goer.
  • Wipattu gives birth to a variety of flora both rare and common which is fun to spot and capture!
  • The dense jungle of the park give shelter to mammals who are on the verge of extinction such as the sloth bear, leopard and elephants. Up until now 31 species of mammals have been spotted at Wilpattu. Sightings of the star tortoise has been recorded along with a few villainous character such as crocodiles and snakes!

Story in a nutshell

It’s said that King Vijaya landed within Wilpattu in a place called Kudrimalai where he married Kuweni who was also living within the jungle at Kali Villu. Another story states that the son of King Dutugemunu, one of Sri Lanka’s greatest kings Prince Saliya lived with his queen Asokamala in Wilpattu over 2000 years ago. Pomparippu too is of historical value as urns containing the remains of those belonging to pre Vijayan

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