Sathurukondan Wetlands

Sathurukondan Wetlands

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About Sathurukondan Wetlands

Nestled within the urban areas of Batticaloa lies wetland that acts as a magnet for a variety of birds and other species. Located next to the Batticaloa lagoon, the Sathurukondan Wetlands is known for its unique bird population that consists of even rare species such as the Lesser Adjutant Stork and Spot Billed Pelican.

Extending over an area of 75 ha, the site is also home to a small population of Broad Snouted Crocodile aka ‘Mugger’ courtesy of the comfort provided by the lagoon. These species are supposed to be decreasing and are classed as vulnerable by the World Conservation Department (IUCN). The bird world at Sathurukondan holds a wide variety and large numbers of water and wading birds that flock to the open water. This is an amusing sight for the visitor to capture, and to take in the frolics of these birds. Sathurukondan is an underused nature site resource which has the potential to be developed as an educational/recreation center for both local people and visitors to the area.