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Gangaramaya Temple

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About Gangaramaya Temple

The area next to the Beira Lake was once a swamp land that had little to no appeal. As the years went by these marsh lands were turned into beautiful historical sites such as the Gangaramaya Temple. The temple is a famous landmark that is known to almost everyone residing within the capital city.

Surrounded by calm waters the temple can be reached by a bridge. It's said that the architecture of the temple is created with an eclectic mix of Sri Lankan, Thai, Indian, and Chinese influences. 

The Gangaramaya Temple joined by an assembly hall for monks and a vocational training institute has a history that stretches over 120 years. It was established by an influential scholar monk, Venerable Hikkaduwe Sri Sumanagala Nayaka Thera who turned this small temple into what it's today-an institution of international reckoning. In addition to being a spiritual ground for worshippers the temple serves as a knowledge storehouse that houses Buddhist texts and artefacts which are made available to the public.

What you can see

  • The complex has the important attributes of a Buddhist Vihara which consists of the Cetiya (Pagada) the Bodhitree, the Vihara Mandiraya, the Seema malaka(assembly hall for monks) and the Relic Chamber.
  • In addition take a look at the museum, library, residential hall, a three storied Pirivena, educational halls and an alms hall which are all located on the premises.

Currently the centre not only encourages the spiritual spirit but also the thirst for knowledge as it acts as a place of learning. This learning is translated into the various projects undertaken by the temple to help those who are less fortunate. It's said that it has been instrumental in establishing the Buddhist temple on Staten Island in the USA , the Buddhist Centre in New York and the Buddhist Centre in Tanzania.