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St Lucias Cathedral

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St.Lucia’s Cathedral in Kotahena is the oldest and largest parish cathedral in Sri Lanka. It’s considered by the Catholics to be the seat of the archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Colombo. A replica of St.Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, St.Lucia’s Cathedral was built in honour of the martyr saint Lucy who carried out her faith during trying times.

Story in a nutshell

According to history Santa Lucia was an Italian martyr who is thought of as the patron of sight in Syracuse, Sicily. During a time when Christians were persecuted Lucia used to carry food for them through underground tunnels shrouded in darkness. Lucia had renounced herself from marriage and was attempted to have been killed by law twice however she escaped through divine intervention. She was killed with a sword to the neck. The Catholics honour this saint specifically on the 13th of December on St Lucia's feast day. 

As you enter the Cathedral’s premises you’ll find yourself facing an exquisite building infused with Gothic styled architecture. The frontage of the cathedral is neatly lined with six columns and a triangle shaped roof on the wall which holds a tiny clock. The top of the cathedral is lined with seven statues of saints looking up towards the heaven with the back drop of the silver dome-a highlight of the cathedral.

As you enter prepare to be awestruck by the interior design of the cathedral. The life size statue of saints found at the end of each aisle adds a sense divinity to the atmosphere. The walls are lined with confessionals that are beautifully carved to hold the confessions of sinners who seek forgiveness.

You’ll also find a unique dark skinned statue of the Madonna called 'Our Lady of Kotahena'. At the main alter lies the beautiful statue of St.Lucy and a colourful stained glass window. The light that pierces through the stained glass floods the cathedral with a variety of colours.

Another highlight of the cathedral is the four bells which were brought in from France. One of the bells named Anthony Thomas is adorned with intricate carvings, holy figures and symbols of Christianity, and is supposed to be the largest bell of the four.