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Viharamahadevi Park

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About Viharamahadevi Park

On the outskirts of the corporate part of Colombo lies a bubble of fun, and stress free activities. The Viharamahadevi Park formerly known as Victoria Park is a popular chill spot/public park in Colombo. Situated next to the National Museum and opposite the Town Hall, the park is currently known as the oldest and largest park in Colombo.

The park is supposed to be named after the mother of King Dutugemunu, Queen Viharamahadevi. It the ideal spot for anyone who wants to take a step back from the stresses of reality.

What can you see?

  • The park is surrounded by a winding walkway which is trodden by joggers and walkers mostly in the evening. The lampposts around the park magically lights up the walkway during the evening.
  • Take a look at the World War Memorial, situated next to the Public Library which is a beautiful old space that is neatly built and includes a gigantic monument and memorial walls that pay tribute to Sri Lankan and European soldiers who died in both World Wars.
  • The Rock Aquarium which is situated on the eastern side of the park houses a modest sized population of marine life such as small fishes, turtles and a lobster!
  • Take a ride on a pony for a small fee and enjoy the park from a slightly higher elevation.
  • There is a play area which is layered with small hills that have tunnels! This completes the adventurous spirit of the young ones as they crawl through the tunnels and play pretend in their own world of imagination. There is also a big colourful plastic play house which is strictly for small kids and not adults! It’s said that the huge blue circle on the ground turns into a slippery locale for gleeful kids after 5:00 pm when the sprinklers are turned on.