Bandaranaika Memorial International Conference Hall

Bandaranaika Memorial International Conference Hall

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About Bandaranaika Memorial International Conference Hall

Along the sidelines of Bauddhaloka Mawatha stands tall a historically significant building which gives life to the efforts made by Sri Lankans to achieve unity and peace within the country. Popularly referred as a landmark the Bandaranaika Memorial International Conference Hall is fondly known among locals as BMICH. The first seeds for the building was laid on the 24th of November in 1970 by the then Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Mrs. Srimavo R. D. Bandaranaike, Mr. Pieter Keuneman, Minister of Housing and Construction and His Excellency the Ambassador for the People's Republic of China in Sri Lanka. The structure was completed in 1973. It was a gift from the Chinese government.

The building is surrounded by well kept expansive grounds which has housed many a trade fairs and shows. A large drive way leads lined with a splash of greenery leads up to an exhausting number of steps that open up into the entrance of the convention centre. It's said that the building was constructed by both the efforts of Chinese and Sri Lankan workers which interestingly speaks of the united spirit that the centre symbolises.

Story in a nutshell

The existence of BMICH was sowed in honour of the late prime minister S.W.R.D.Bandaranayaike who was considered to be one of the foremost international statesmen of his time. Bandaranayaike promoted peace and encouraged understanding between diverse nations. He is known to have believed in the 'spirit of goodwill, brotherhood and democratic equality for the preservation of world peace and the advancement of mankind.'

Having said that the Centre till this day works towards the fulfilment of that vision by offering an educational system that makes aware conflict resolution and the dynamics of peace.

What can you see

  • The building in itself is gigantic with its high walls. There are large halls within the centre that have held prominent exhibitions, seminars and other musical shows. 
  • The peaceful atmosphere of the grounds are a world that you can willingly get lost in. It's heavily decorated with a well maintained lawn, colourful flower beds and refreshing floral trees.
  • Visit the library which is a storehouse for endless rows of books that carry a wealth of knowledge date back into past and present.