Fort Railway Station

Fort Railway Station

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About Fort Railway Station

Fort Railway Station is at the centre of corporate Colombo and is where most intercity trains transit, being or ends their journey. It’s thought of as a major rail hub in Colombo. In addition it also serves as a bus terminal in connection with the Central Bus stand in Pettah.

Story in a nutshell

Railways in Sri Lankan were first opened and put into operation in 1864. At that time trains transited through Colombo Terminus Station which is not functioning currently. The Colombo Fort Station found today was opened and geared into operation in 1908, as the new central station for Colombo.

Today the building holds 10 platforms and caters to several busy passengers daily. There are other facilities that include passenger waiting rooms, changing rooms and cafeterias.

What’s there to see?

  • Just opposite the station is the Pettah market bustling with the sounds of a determined customer and adamant vendors trying to strike a bargain!
  • The Dutch Hospital is just a few blocks away for a meal and a drink.
  • Within the area you would be able to find major hotels into which you can escape to from the heat!