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Khan Clock Tower

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Timing the busy bees of Pettah streets is the Khan Clock Tower, which stands markedly at the entrance of Pettah. It has a height similar to that of a four storey building and is circled by a roundabout. It was built by the family of Framjee Bhikhajee Khan. They are a wealthy Parsi family from India and owned a few businesses in Colombo including the prominent Colombo Oil Mills.

The fountain at the clock tower is currently not working. There is a plate placed on the clock tower which carries words that gives it meaning and purpose to it. The plate states that the clock tower and fountain was built by Bhikhajee and Munchershaw Framjee Khan in honour of their father Framjee Bhikhajee Khan symbolising their affection, gratitude and dedication. It was constructed on the fourth day of January 1923, which was the 45th anniversary of his death.

So don’t forget to take a quick look at the plate while in Pettah!