The Dutch Period Museum

The Dutch Period Museum

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About The Dutch Period Museum

There are many things one can find at Pettah, from exotic sweets, to beautiful sarees, to hardy electronics, you name it and you will find it here! As you walk down Prince street bursting with vendors and rows of shops the last thing you would expect to see is a Dutch Museum, snugly nestled between shops. 

Oddly enough 95, Prince Street, Pettah is the address of one the most well preserved Dutch buildings in Colombo called The Dutch Period Museum.

Story in a nutshell

The museum was built by Thomas Van Rhee, a Dutch governor as his official residence from 1692 to 1697. It went through many transformations before ending up as a Museum, such as an arms store of the army hospital, police training centre, Pettah post office and telecommunication centre. The building is crowned with a high red tiled room, and supported by many columns. It's said the architecture of the building was meant to resemble a 17th century Dutch urban house. Many travellers have stated that there is an air of authenticity which surrounds the Museum that reflects its true Dutch character and not one of a remodelled and modified building. 

The house has thick walls which is supposed to entrap you in a world of its own, cut off from the busy sounds of Pettah just outside its door. There is a courtyard garden which is considered to be one of the oldest in Colombo containing just one old cinnamon tree, rows of honeysuckles and a stone well. The neatly kept lawn is edged with a low veranda. 

What can you see?

  • It's said that there are over 3000 items that make up the museum collection which includes headstones, Dutch furniture, maps, charts that depict Dutch colonisation, arms and porcelain.

Visiting the Dutch Period Museum is truly similar to stepping into another world and dimension! It's definitely a place that remains forgotten to most of Colombo and the outside world!