The Independence Square

The Independence Square

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About The Independence Square

As you look straight down the road from the roundabout near HSBC you find yourself staring at a straight cemented road line with trees that seems as if they are standing guard for the National monument at the end of the road: The Independence Square. The square is a lighted area that is supported by stone columns and signifies the freedom gained by the Sri Lankan people when they broke away from the British rule on the 4th of February, 1948. Don’t let the gigantic lions guarding a few entrances scare you!

What can I see?

  • There is a lot to see at the square, including the statue of Sri Lanka’s first Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Don Stephen Senanayake and the Independence Memorial Museum, so take your time and cruise the area, preferably in the evening.
  • The Independence walk is a pathway that stretches from near the monument and ends at the Colombo Planetarium. It’s guaranteed that you will find people from different walks of life here which make up the Colombo Sri Lankan cocktail.
  • The Colombo Race course grounds cum Mall is situated close to the rugby grounds which was originally a horse track. This place is stacked with branded shopping outlets sprinkled with a few delicious restaurants.
  • Visit Floor by O! , a restaurant slash bar where you can enjoy light music, a few drinks, and song titled menus (we are not even joking!). As the sun goes down this places is active with young people in Colombo.
  • You can take a look at the National archives too which is surrounded by the Independence Walk.

Historical facts

  • The monument was built in the place where the first parliament was established by Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester.
  • It has hosted annual Independence Day celebrations and other religious events.
  • It used to be the ceremonial assembly hall for the Senate of Ceylon and House of Representatives of Ceylon until the new parliament was built.
  • It’s said that the square was built based on the shape of the Royal audience hall

Enlightening fact: The National Monument was cast in as a pit-stop for the Asian version of the TV series The Amazing Race.

Who you will find at the walkway

  • Men & Women power walking with determination
  • Affectionate couples taking a gentle stroll down the tree lined walkways
  • Kids with their parents playing run and catchers
  • Sporty men and women jogging resolutely, plugged out from the rest of the world and hoping to achieve their set goal for that jog
  • A few struggling joggers who have managed to drag themselves out of bed and achieve at least one day of exercising