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Pettah Market

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Colourful goodies, dirty streets, and rows of tightly knit shops are what make up Colombo’s famous market spot Pettah! If you want the best bargain in town for any kind of good then Pettah Market is the best place to visit. 

All you need is a comfy pair of shoes, and sunscreen to scale the endless rows of shops placed within tiny streets under the hot sun! 

As you enter the market you will find the Khan Clock tower which was built by a wealthy Parsi family from India who had many businesses in Colombo. Beyond that begins the journey into Pettah Market.

You will also find a place called the Colombo Old Town Hall and Museum that was built by Arasi Marikar Wapchie Marikar and is located at Kayman's Gate. It’s said that the Dutch used to keep crocodiles at this place to release into the Beira Lake to prevent their slaves from escaping. Currently the building is being used as a post office on the ground floor, and as a museum on the upper floor. On the outside you will be able to spot an exhibit of old steam engines.

You can also take a look at the Red Mosque which is officially named as Jami-ul Alfar Mosque and has an appearance that is similar to candy cane.

Tip: The best mode of transport within Pettah is via Tuk-tuk, and foot as parking your car is a challenging task.