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Colombo Beira Lake

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Within Colombo one can find a city that is filled with attractions that are bustling with activity of tourists, and locals. The sounds of urban life takes over a city that seems to be awake most of the time. You will find that there is so much to see and do, from visiting the museum to visiting the zoo and enjoying the street food of Colombo. With so much going on it's quite easy to miss the quiet attractions of Colombo such as the still Beira Lake.

Interestingly this serene lake is filled by one of the busiest spots in Colombo. It's at the centre of Colombo's corporate world. So while you are near Galle Face Green checking out the Beira lake is worth your time.

Story in a nutshell

During the colonial era the lake was used to transport goods within the city. It's said that the lake was built before Sri Lanka was colonised as it had a network of canals which helped locals transport goods within the city and suburban areas.

The lake has two parts to it: there is a smaller lake which is bordering the techy world named Navam Mawatha and the larger lake lies at the border of D.R. Wijewardena Mawatha (formerly McCullum Road) the two bodies are connected by narrow canal which runs through Slave Island and the Sri Lanka Army Headquarters. You can see the lake connect with the Indian Ocean at Galle face. There are a few empty warehouses you might be able to spot along the lake, which were once used to store goods.

What can you see?

Currently the lake is used by professional rowers, idling storks and pelicans! You will be able to see a recreational island in the middle of the lake which is used by couples and individuals to while away a lazy evening.

There is also the Gangarama Temple and Hotel Cinnamon Grand which is in itself bustling with activity.