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Galle Lighthouse

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Take a walk on the eastern side of Galle fort, and experience the sea from a whole new perspective. Standing on the ramparts of the fort the sea seems to have been spread out for the traveler to enjoy, and marvel at the wonder of nature. As you keep walking, passing the mosque, you will find a looming white structure, surrounded by coconut trees, popularly known as the Galle lighthouse. 

Titled as the island’s oldest light station, the lighthouse also boasts of a spectacular view of the sea, which is different from what you can experience from the ramparts! The lighthouse keeper who maintains the 18 meter structure runs a small gem store close by; if you can coax him then he might allow you to take a peek at this spectacular view. The lighthouse was built in 1848, and was burned down in 1934. The current lighthouse you see is a replica of the first one. The original lighthouse was built by the British during their reign in Galle.

The Galle lighthouse lies within the premises of the Galle fort-a popular tourist attraction itself. So there is plenty to see and experience if you happen to visit the lighthouse.

What you can see

  • Within walking distance from the lighthouse there is a part of the fort that sticks out into the ocean. The drop to the ocean from this part of the fort is considered dangerous as it’s specked with massive rocks and only bits of deep water. Unhindered by this danger stands a group of daredevils who dive right into the water for a small fee. It’s quite thrilling to see a jumper run across the rampart, launch himself into the air, and pierce through the water with the agility of a fish!
  • There are numerous cafés and restaurants which you can visit to hide from the sun and take a breather.