Rumasalla Mountain

Rumasalla Mountain

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About Rumasalla Mountain

Travelers to the Rumassala Mountain have experienced a taste of mystical peacefulness within the confines of the mountain. Located a few miles away from Galle town, and closely situated from Unawatuna, Rumassala Mountain’s history and origins is steeped in mystery. Adding to the mystery experts find it difficult to explain the bio diversity of this region, which is none like what is found in other parts of Sri Lanka.

Formerly known as Buono Vista by colonialists, Rumassala Mountain is popularly known for the breathtaking view it provides of the southern region of Galle. The name Buono Vista means ‘pleasant view’, which is rightfully said.

Story in a nutshell

The mystery surrounding the mountain originates from the Sanskrit epic Ramayanaya. Accordingly during an intense battle between King Ravana of Sri Lanka and Rama of India there were many injured soldiers on Rama’s side. Therefore Rama instructed Hanuman (the Indian monkey warrior god) with a list of herbs to bring back from Himalaya Mountains. Hanuman who was not able to identify the herbs brought back a piece of the mountain itself. It’s said that once Rama was able to extract the required herbs, Hanuman discarded the Himalayan Mountain piece at Rumassala. Many believe that this legend attempts to explain the unusual bio diversity found at Rumassala.

What you can see

  • There is a peace pagoda found at the top of the mountain you can visit via foot. It’s said that this pagoda instills a sense of calm over the buzzing traveler, leaving them rejuvenated for the rest of the journey. There is also a statue of the God Hanuman at the pagoda.
  • At the foot of the mountain near the beach there are coral and rocky reefs which contain a wealth of marine biodiversity. In comparison to other coral reef found in Sri Lanka it’s a modest a slice of underwater heaven waiting to be explored by a snorkeler.