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Jungle River Safari

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The Jungle River Safari is a recommended attraction spot by most travellers which is underestimated by many travel guides. The safari is also known as the Walawe River safari and the Walawe is home to a rich variety of wildlife and bio diversity. As you boat along the river you may spot crocodiles, peacocks and various other birds.

One of the highlights of the river is the dense mangroves that sport a deep green colour which beautifully contrast against the murky waters of the river. Experts state that there are around 65 mangrove plant species in the world and Sri Lanka is home to 23 of these plant species, of which six are found in the Walawe.

You can also engage in bird watching while on the river safari early in the morning. It’s said that the Walawe has a rich variety of bird species, more commonly seen is the Weaver bird which weaves its nest out of grass during the mating season.