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Sharing a border with the famous Yala National Park, Kumana National Park was originally known as Yala East National Park. Renamed in 2006 the park has provided shelter and food for a number of endangered species. The gateway into Kumana National Park is in Panama and it will lead you into a world of wildlife that has not yet been modified by the tourist industry.

Spread across 35,664 hectares, the Kumana National Park is adorned with 20 odd pools and tanks which attract a variety of birds. Within the park is a 200 hectares mangrove swamp called Kumana Villu which hosts numerous birds' nests that can be seen during the months of May and June. There is also a bird sanctuary within the park which is considered as one of the most important breeding grounds for birds in the island. Park records indicate a total of 255 species of birds that inhabit Kumana.

As you can see the park is famous for its birding safari, so pay attention bird enthusiasts!

Apart from its discreet wildlife, Kumana National Park have a few cave inscriptions that have been dated back to the 1st and 2nd centuries. It's interesting to know that the park is located en route to the Kataragama Temple which attracts hundreds of Buddhists and Hindu devotees yearly!