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Seven kilometres inland from Aluthgama there is a piece of land that most nature/garden lovers might consider as a ‘slice of heaven’. The name of this spot is Brief Garden, and it’s one of the most well thought out gardens in Sri Lanka. This stretch of green is spread over a five acre land that was once a rubber estate.

The creative head responsible for the creation of the garden is a prominent artist called Bevis Bawa who also designed his own garden at Lunuganga Estate which is situated on the shores of the Bentota River. Bevis Bawa is the brother of Geoffrey Bawa a renowned architect who was responsible for the design of Sri Lanka’s House of Parliament, Ruhunu University and other prominent Bentota hotels such as AVANI Bentota Resort and Spa. 

The garden has a variety of oddly shaped trees, bushes, and other green things which are laid out in such a manner that its oddity only adds to the character of the garden. This speaks of the amount of planning that might have gone into creating Brief Garden. It’s said the garden is sub divided into different sections each of them sporting a theme such as a Japanese water garden theme.

One of the interesting features of the garden is its border which is marked by bamboo sprouts. The entrance is a simple gate with a bell which signals your arrival at the garden.

The house in which Bevis Bawa resided can also be found within the garden and is filled with his own work that includes sculptures of, as one traveller describes, ‘beautifully proportioned male nudes’. Although the walls and ceilings are mostly plain, there is an air of classiness which etches an imposing image in the traveller’s mind. There are also works of prominent Sri Lankan artists which you will find spread out across the house. The main gate of the house leads to a large bamboo-hedged circle which serves as a car park. The front door is set in the hedge itself and as you look up to the roof you will find that is concealed with beautiful white bougainvillea.

Although Bevis died in 1992, it’s said that his vision for his garden has been carried on through the people who work at the garden.

Note that there is a nominal fee that is required to enter the garden. Also the opening times mentioned for the garden on the website is from 8am to -5pm.