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Embekke Temple

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About Embekke Temple

Three kilometres away from the Botanical Garden is an intricately carved wooden temple called the Embekke Temple. Built during the 14th century by King Wickramabahu III the temple sits quietly in the Ambakka village in Kandy.

Story in a nutshell

According to the tales about the origins of the temple, it’s said that Lord Kataragama appeared in a dream to one of the king's consorts named Henakanda Biso Bandara and instructed him to create the temple. As a result the temple has been dedicated to Lord Kataragama.

What can you see

The temple is a must visit for those who are able to appreciate the architectural brilliance of the temple. The structure of the temple is decorated with elaborate wooden carvings from top to toe! There are a variety of wooden carvings which will keep you busy admiring each wooden art work. The designs include carvings of dancers, musicians, wrestlers, legendary beasts and birds. A statistical report indicates that there are a total of 128 carvings on these pillars and the carvings are supposed to be the work of the ancient artisan, Devendra Mulachari. 

Another highlighting feature of the temple is in its roof. The rafters in the roof all slant from above towards the incoming visitor and are fixed together and kept in position by a "Madol Kurupawa", a type of a giant catch pin that is not found anywhere else.