The Temple of Tooth Dalada Maligawa

The Temple of Tooth Dalada Maligawa

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About The Temple of Tooth Dalada Maligawa

Nestled within the hill countries of Sri Lanka lays one of the most significant religious landmarks called the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. The temple is which situated in Kandy is not only a religious institution but also a popular tourist attraction. Surrounded by a low decorated white wall, the temple occupies a picturesque space in the post cards from Sri Lanka.

Story in a nutshell

Going back into the history of the Temple, it’s believed that the casket located within the temple holds the tooth of Lord Buddha which was taken while he lay on his funeral pyre. According to legendary tales the tooth was secretly brought into Sri Lanka in 313 AD, hidden in the hair of Princess Hemamali who fled the Hindu armies besieging her father's kingdom in India.

Till this day the legend of the tooth and tooth itself is the centre of prominent festivals such as the Perahera.

What can you see

  • Placed inside a two-story inner shrine room protected by two large elephant tusks is the tooth. The sacred tooth lies within a gold casket that is shaped like a dagoba (stupa) which itself contains a series of six dagoba caskets of diminishing size.
  • You can also view the Alut Maligawa which is a large shrine hall that contains several sitting Buddhas statues which were devoted by Thai devotees. The shape of the Alut Maligawa is similar to a Thai Buddhist shrine hall.
  • To the north of the temple is an open air pavilion called the Audience Hall, which contains stone columns that is made to look like wooden pillars.
  • Visit the World Buddhism Museum which houses models, photographs depicting Buddhism across the world.


There are many freelance guides in the temple premises who will be happy to show you around the temple for a small fee.

Wear clothes that cover your legs and your shoulders when visiting the temple. You’ll also have to remove your shoes at the temple premises so try not to wear your best pair since shoes go missing frequently!