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Carrying a connection from the Hill Capital’s colonial days is the Kandy Garrison Cemetery which was built in 1822. Discreetly placed up the hill behind the National Museum, the Kandy Garrison Cemetery is home to around 195 young British nationals who were buried here during the early 19th century. Although the cemetery might be an eerie for some to visit on a holiday, it’s worth a visit to catch a glimpse of what it was for those who left the comforts of their home to live in an unknown land. The Kandy Garrison Cemetery holds a collection of British National stories that are sure to move your heart. 

A walk through the memorials and grave transports you to the world that these individuals would have faced. Most of the deaths were due to tropical diseases such as malaria or cholera. It’s saddening to see that the cemetery holds the grave sites of British Nationals who didn’t live past the age of 40.

Seek out the cemetery’s caretaker who will be able to guide you through the gravestones and also narrate the stories behind each tombstone. You’ll also be able to read these stories in the museum that is found in the premises.

You can visit the Garrison between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.