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Kawatayamuna Temple

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About Kawatayamuna Temple

Most of the time we think of temples as a place where only the holy can exist. This is not the case for Kawatayamuna temple. Apart from its divine atmosphere the Kawatayamuna temple is also one of the very few places that depict the various types of torture one would have to face if they go to hell. The statues portraying the different types of punishment remain as a stark reminder for humans to stay away from the path of evil. This depiction of hell highlights the historical importance of the Kawatayamuna temple.

According to stories told the temple was supposed to have been built during the reign King Gajabahu the 1st by a giant name Sirisewun. It’s believed that the temple was originally built to gathering and training point for an army to fight against the South Indian invaders. When speaking about Sirisewun the tales paint him to be a cheerful character filled with comic tales to tell his friends. Hence he was nicknamed the ‘Kawata’ which means a joker. The temple was named after his name Kawatayamuna temple.