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The Polhena Beach is a lovely stretch of sandy heaven that outlines the coast of Matara. One of the beach's unique attributes is its 4 kilometre long coral reef lying about 200 meters off the shore. The huge waves that come rolling towards the shore crashes on the coral reef, freeing the beach from large waves. This creates a stretch of beach perfect for swimming! As you enter the beach area one of the first things you will notice is the serenity and calm that exudes from relaxed beach with very little waves.

This makes Polhena beach the ideal spot for holidaymakers looking for a quiet stretch to relax!

Other than swimming in the beach you can also snorkel at the Polhena beach. The long stretch of coral will keep you entertained throughout the swim! The vibrant colour and variety of corals will certainly keep you from coming up to the surface! Apart from the corals there is a rich variety of marine life that lay on the coral bed. It's said that Polhena reef is home to a variety of marine species such as colourful reef fish, colourful corals, urchins, and star fish.