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A picture perfect moment for a postcard is what comes to mind to those who stand at the banks of Gregory Lake and take in the beautiful scene surrounding it. The gentle flowing waters of the lake, lined with sandy banks at one side and rows of lush green mountains and valleys on the other is a moment to be remembered for those who visit Nuwera Eliya.

Placed approximately a kilometre away from the Nuwera town Gregory Lake was built by Governor William Gregory in 1874 with the intention of providing electricity for the town. Today the lake is bustling with water activities such as boating, rowing, jet skiing and various other activities. For those who are not too fond of the water there is horse riding around the lake or you can just sit and enjoy the calm atmosphere of the lake occasionally broken by squeals of fun! 

There is also a cycling route that starts from Spring Acre and winds through the town promising a few beautiful sides to nature. There is also a cycling path around the lake.

Gregory Lake is the centre for a variety of water and non-water activities. Apart from the activities you can also enjoy the calm atmosphere and beautiful surroundings of the lake. It’s believed that setting sun brings out a very different side to Gregory Lake, which is at that moment flooded with shades of golden colour and is transferred into this breath-taking piece of nature!