Lakshapana Falls

Lakshapana Falls

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The waters of Lakshapana falls rush towards the cliff with a sense of determination and ferocity which ironically paints a beautiful picture for those viewing the waterfall from below. Situated close to Ginigathhena town in Nuwera Eliya the Lakshapana falls is believed to be the eighth highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and measures a height of 129m. It flows through the Lakshapana estate and falls into the Maskeliya Oya.

According to local tales the name Lakshapana came into being when the presence of iron ore, which is called laksha in Sinhala, was found in between the rocks. It's also speculated that the waterfall hides a labyrinth of tunnels of which one pathway still exists today. It's noteworthy to mention that the Lakshapana Reservoir, which is close to the waterfall, is used by prominent power stations found in New Lakshapana, Canyon and Polpitye Samanala.

Apart from its many economical benefits the beauty of Lakshapana falls is highlights this attraction. One can only sigh and marvel at the beauty of nature as they watch the waters of the waterfall plunge to its demise below!