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Lovers Leap Fall

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Streams and brooks gently flow from Sri Lanka’s highest mountain Mt.Piduruthualagala to create the beautiful Lovers Leap Fall of Nuwera Eliya. Cascading down from a height of 30m the waters of Lovers Leap gently falls onto the rocks below creating a pool of cool water. A traveller beholding the beauty of the rock will find that the rigidity of the rocks is softened by the white of the water that creates a curtain of beauty for the traveller to see. 

Unfortunately the tale behind this beautiful piece of nature is a tragic one woven in love and death. According to local folklore there was once a prince who while out hunting had stumbled upon the presence of a beautiful lady. It was love at first sight for the prince. However she was no match for the prince as she was from a lower class. The segregation of classes didn’t stop the prince from falling dreadfully in love with this lady and presenting her to his parents. The prince’s father objected to this union which prompted the two lovers to leap to their death from what was thereafter known as Lovers Leap Fall!