Ravan Ella Falls

Ravan Ella Falls

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Placed within the dry zone of Welimada the waters of Ravana Ella falls cascade below in a graceful yet ferocious manner, which creates the illusion that a white carpet has been thrown over the rocks! The falls, is not only a beautiful addition to the scenic surroundings of Uduhawara village, it’s also considered as a life source for the villagers, as they use the water from the waterfalls for their daily needs such as for cultivation. 

Considered as one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka, the Ravana Ella falls is about 25m in height and falls over an oval shaped rocky outcrop. Adding an element of interest to the waterfall is the story that is woven around the Ravana Ella.

According to local legends the Ravana Ella was named after the legendary character King Ravana featured in the story of Ramayana. The story goes on to say that when King Ravana kidnapped Raman’s wife Sita he hid her in the caves found behind the waterfall. Today these caves are known as the Ravana Ella Cave and its legendary story attracts the interest of many tourists. The Ravana Ella Cave lies 1,370m above sea level on the foundation of a cliff. It’s said that excavations undertaken in the cave uncovered evidence of human habitation dating back to 25,000 years.