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Let's a dip into the North Western province and into Puttalam where we will come face to face with the Puttalam Lagoon. The lagoon which is spread out across 327 km2 (126 sq mi) is known as the country's second largest lagoon.

The still dull green waters is vibrantly lit up by the green mangroves which you can find sprawled across the lagoon. The Puttalam lagoon is popularly known to be rich in bio diversity. To the north of this attraction you will find Wilpattu, the largest national park and to the North West the Bar reef. This vast lagoon accommodates about 25 islands.

Due to Puttalam- Kalpitiya Road, the lagoon divides into two sections and the Southern part is referred as Mundalama lagoon, where as the Northern part is referred as the Puttalam lagoon. This lagoon is fed by two main rivers: Mee oya and Kala oya, and from several streams.

On the perimeters of this lagoon you will find a vast region which contains coconuts, open forests, grasslands and shrub lands. The surrounding land is used for prawn fishing, salt production, and rice cultivation.