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In Buddhism the foot print found on Adam's peak aka as Sri Pada is believed to have been placed by Lord Buddha. The journey to and fro Adam's peak is a tedious journey so it's only natural that Lord Buddha would have stopped to rest somewhere, more specifically at Diva Guhava. Diva Guhava is a cave temple which is located on the way to Adam's peak and is around 5 km away from the town of Kuruwita. It's believed that Lord Buddha along with his 500 followers took a break on the journey back from the mountains. According to historical records the cave is named as the Batatotalena Cave, but is known as Diva Guhava in Buddhist literature. 

The cave evokes a cool environment which cushions the objects found in the cave such as its ancient wall paintings, statues and shrines which date back to the Kandyan period. The cave's entrance can be accessed via a 400 metres hike from Sudagala and a climb of 50 metres. It's said that around 30 metres from Diva Guhava there is another cave which is a partially submerged and can be accessed after a 20 metres swim.

If you are lucky enough on a clear day you will be able to see Adam's peak from the cave itself.

Measurements of the cave: 

Height:  15 metres (49 ft)

Width:  18 metres  (59 ft) 

Length: 25 metres  (82 ft)

Area: 6,800 m3 (240,000 cu ft)