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In comparison to the Niagara falls, the six metre tall Katugas Ella gently cascades down the rock giving off the image of a kind hearted waterfall. The fall is situated 3 km away from the Ratnapura town at Mahawalawatta, and is hidden from the bustling noise of the main road.

There is a stream that leads to the waterfall which guides the traveller through a rocky pathway. Take extra pre-caution on a rainy day as the rocks can get very slippery. As you follow the stream you will reach a small spill of water known as Katugas dola. Many mistake this to be the main waterfall which is found further upstream. Once you reach the waterfall there is nothing to do but enjoy the sound of the water gushing down and the coolness of the environment that it's snuggled into.

There is natural sense of peace and calmness which overflows the human spirit when it's close to nature!