Travel Guide to Trincomalee

The complete tour guide to Trincomalee, find information about the city's famous attractions, a list of things to do and much more. Book hotels at the best price and reserve your table at the top restaurants.

Trincomalee Overview

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About Trincomalee

The city of Trincomaleeis also known as KōnaMalai, KōnāMalai, and TiruKōnaMalai in Sanskrit and Pali. The sea port city has played a crucial role in the history of Sri Lanka and India. Trincomalee is mentioned in one of the ancient tales of India Mahavamsa. The city has a well-built natural harbour that has played an influential role in the maritime and international trading history of Sri Lanka. The Bay of Trincomalee is known world-wide for its large size and natural build for security. This was one of the city’s features that attracted the colonists to Sri Lanka. Trincomalee is also the site of the ‘Sacred Hill of the Three Temples’. The town is mostly populated by the Tamils and Anglicans.


Getting into Trincomalee

You can get to Trincomalee easily by either train, bus or a private vehicle. There are direct trains to Trincomalee that leave from the Colombo Fort Railway Station, for more information visit There are also several busses that leave frequently from the Colombo Pettah Bus Stand (close to the Colombo Fort Railway station). If you are going to Trincomalee directly from the airport then it's easier to hire a taxi from the airport itself. Check more information on rates.


Getting around Trincomalee

Most Sri Lankans travel around cities and towns by tuk tuk aka three wheelers. Note that it's a rule of thumb to fix the price before getting into a tuk tuk to avoid paying more than required unless of course the tuk has a meter. It will also help if you can ask locals how much it’s to get to your destination just to be sure you are paying the right amount. Having said that you can also travel by bus which is the most affordable way and you can ask locals to help you. The bus conductors will also be able to help you in any way that they can. Make sure you have small change in the form of coins and notes when going by bus instead of large notes. For example Rs.50, 20, 10 and a few coins.


Where to go and things to do in Trincomalee

Trincomalee’s golden beaches, and historical sites are a must see for those visiting the eastern side of Sri Lanka. The port city is famous for its crystal blue waters and golden beaches such as the Nilaveli beach. You can also visit Pigeon Island and Koneswaram Hindu Temple. This is only a teaser as to what to expect in Trincomalee. Scroll above and click on our 'What to see' section to discover and explore more of Trincomalee.