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Within the vicinity of the majestic Koneswaram temple is the tourist attraction Lover’s Leap that has a heart breaking story to tell. An inscription on a pillar on Swami Rock recites the love story of Francina van Reed who was the daughter of a gentleman of rank in the civil service of Holland. It says that she was engaged to a young Dutch officer who broke off the engagement when his period of Foreign Service came to an end. The inconsolable Francina, whilst watching the ship take away her lover, flung herself over the rock and into a sheer drop of 400 feet. Most sources claim that this is a true story but a few believe that Francina was happily married and lived a fulfilling life. Nevertheless, the pillar stands as a testimony for the tragic event. It even has the date of the tragedy inscribed which is April 24th, 1687.

Leaving aside this unfortunate story one cannot dispute the breathtaking view of the sea from this rock. The crystal blue water and cool breeze is definitely a sight that will restore your energy levels.