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Pigeon Island

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About Pigeon Island

About a one km off the coast of Nilavel’s pristine beaches sits one of the two marine national parks in Sri Lanka namely Pigeon Island National Park. The island was declared as a sanctuary in 1963 and re-designated as a national park in 2003 making it the 17th national park in Sri Lanka. It’s been said that Pigeon island was a target practice ground for soldiers during the colonial era. Today it stands as a beautiful island cushioned in by crystal clear waters and a coral reef. Pigeon island has two islands: one is the large pigeon island and the other known as the small pigeon island. The large island which stretches to 200m long and 100m wide is beautiful adorned by coral reefs.

What you can see?

  • The island is supposed to host one of the best coral reefs of Sri Lanka. So you can go Snorkelling or scuba diving near the reef.
  • While taking a dip in the Indian ocean you will be able to witness the colourful play of fishes inter-mingling with rare turtles. According to sources, many of the 100 species of corals and 300 coral reef fishes are found in the Trincomalee area. To name a few Juvenile and adult Black-tip reef shark, Hawksbill turtle, Green turtle and Olive Ridley who are visiting sea turtles of the coral reef.

Need to know facts:

  • Since the island falls under the dry zone of Sri Lanka its average temperature is around 27.0 °C (80.6 °F).
  • Annual rainfall is between 1,000–1,700 millimetres (39–67 in).
  • Rainy seasons are the North eastern monsoon season that occurs from October to March.